AED45 000

New 2023 MG ZS


  • vehicle Type Sport Cars
  • Make MG
  • Mileage N/A
  • Fuel type Gasoline
  • Engine N/A
  • Year 2023
  • Transmission Automatic
  • Drive FWD
  • Exterior Color Solid White
  • Interior Color Jet Red
  • Car type N/A




ا :- ام جي زد اس MG ZS ستاندر 2024

محرك 4 اسطوانات بسعة 1.5l,موجود 1300سي
- دخول ذكي
- فتحة بانوراما
- حساسات خلفية
- انوار LED امامي خلفي
- كشاف ضباب امامي خلفي
- مرايا قابلة للطي كهربائيا
- اشارات في المرايا
- مرايات كهربائية
- جنوط 17
- مزيل ضباب
- المواصفات الداخلية :-
- قير اتوماتيك
- تشغيل بصمة
- مقاعد جلد
- كاميرات 360
- مكيف لمس
- فتحات تكيف خافية
- شاشة
- تحكم في المقود
- مسند ذراع امامي
- وضعيات قيادة
- امكانية اضافة مقاعد الاطفال
- مقاعد خلفية قابلة للطي
- زجاج كهربائي اوتو لمسة وحدة
- اوامر صوتية
- فرامل يد الكترونية
MG HSExperience a new level of charm and capability with the new MG HS. It's smart, sporty, and packed with advanced technology for an engaging and adventurous drive. Discover more about this exciting vehicle today!
مواصفات الامن والسلامة :-
- مثبت سرعة
- تراكشن
- وسائد هوائية
- فرامل ABS
- نظام المساعدة على نزول المنحدرات
- سنتر لوك

ام جي زد اس 1.5 MG ZS 2024 فل كاملنوع السيارة ام جي zs 

-موديل السيارة 2024
- المورد 'جياد الحديثة للسيارات الناغى
- فـئـه السيارة ستاندر
- الألوان المتوفرة حسب المخزون
- -الضمان : 6 سنوات او 200 الف كيلو

-محرك 1,5 سي سي 4 سلندر
-جير اوتوماتيك
-دفع امامي
-ليد نهاري
-اشارات مرايا
-حنايا عفش
-مقابض ابواب مطعمه بالكروم
-جنوط مقاس 17
-حساسات خلفية
-دخول ذكي
-تشغيل ذكي
-زجاج كهربائي
-زجاج كهربائي
-تحكم بالنظام الصوتي
-تحكم بعداد الرحلات
-مثبت سرعة
-شاشة معلومات بكاميرا خلفية
-دعم خاصية ابل كار بلاي و اندرويد اوتو
-جلنط كهربائي بخاصية الاوتو هولد
-فتحات تكييف خلفية
-نظام الثبات الإلكتروني

Experience a new level of charm and capability with the new MG HS. It's smart, sporty, and packed with advanced technology for an engaging and adventurous drive. Discover more about this exciting vehicle EXTREME COMFORTINTERIORExperience an unparalleled level of comfort within the MG HS. The cabin interior exudes a dynamic and sporty ambiance, crafted with a remarkable blend of soft, premium materials comprising 85% of the composition. The MG HS has an immersive and fatigue reducing LED Ambient Lighting that blends the exterior and interior lighting. Indulge in the integrated sports bucket seats, boasting a dual-tone finish and motorized adjustments that provide exceptional lumbar support. Equipped with a large panoramic sunroof, you are seamlessly connected with the outdoor environment. With the Dual Zone Climate Control and rear AC vents, everyone onboard can relish in personalized comfort.

EXTERIORThe MG HS draws attention with it’s ferociously aggressive appearance, especially the front-end design, which resembles a hungry shark on the prowl. The MG signature Digital Flame grille is flanked by slender Bi - Function LED headlamp, Tailamps and DRL’s that exude strength and domination; complemented by eye-catching 18-inch new diamond-cut alloy wheels and vibrant red sports brake disc calipers, this vehicle is a visual masterpiece. The vehicle's wide stance and dynamic wide face profile complement its forceful appearance, underlining its athletic and aggressive nature as an SUV.


PERFORMANCEUnleash the power of the MG HS, where performance runs through it’s DNA. Equipped with a dynamic 2.0-litre High Efficiency Turbo Engine, this SUV delivers an exhilarating and responsive driving experience, perfectly matched with its adventurous spirit. With an impressive torque of 360Nm and a top speed of 210km/h, the MG HS is always ready to perform in any situation. Experience instant ignition with the push-button start, and tailor your driving style with Super Sport and Eco modes. For added control, the Lux editions feature paddle shift controls, allowing you to hit the road swiftly and effortlessly. Get ready to ignite your driving passion with the unstoppable MG HS.INTERACTIVETECHNOLOGYExperience the MG HS with its class-leading 12.3-inch virtual instrument panel and a 10.1-inch color touchscreen. Connect your smartphone via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to access infotainment, including GPS navigation. Customize your car settings, AC Management, Road Assistance System at the tip of your fingers.

SAFETYThe MG HS prioritizes safety with its advanced features. Built with high tensile steel, it ensures strength and resilience. Don't worry about compromising on safety, as the MG HS offers a range of features including Cruise Control, Hill Start Assist Control, Blind Spot Detection, 360° View Park Assist Camera, and Lane Changing Warning, among others. Drive with complete peace of mind in the MG HS, knowing that your safety is taken care of

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